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Angela Berry is a criminal defense attorney licensed to practice in California and Hawaii. Speaking is what she does. With 25 years of experience as a trial lawyer, Angela has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of constitutional law as it pertains to the criminal justice system. She also assists in teaching summer courses at UCLA for disadvantaged youths and represents those criminally charged or under investigation. Angela Berry

Speaking Topics Include:
New Criminal Justice Reform Laws: Learn about new laws that de-criminalize or ameliorate punishment; which laws are retro-active; and an intorduction to the processes that must be employed for each of the various new laws.

Should the Bail System Remain? This presentation introduces the audience to the pros and cons of requiring monetary conditions to pre-trial release, including a discussion on the disparate impact the current bail system has on accused with less means.

“Guilty!” - Why They Still Need a Defense:  A summary of our constitution and the principles on which our criminal justice system relies.

What to Expect When Arrested for a DUI:  The listener will learn the process of arrest, how DUI criminal charges are proved, and the DMV’s administrative process of suspending your driver’s license.

How to Beat the Camera in Red Light Tickets:  The ABC’s on beating a ticket when the only evidence against
you is a photograph.

"If anyone can make these charges go away for you, it's Angela. She knows the law well,
but her presence is like none I've seen in a courtroom. I can't describe it any better. When you
see her, you'll understand. There are those who work very hard at being a lawyer, and there are
those who were born for it. Angela is definitely the latter."

LA Superior Court Judge

3 Strikes Law in California:  The audience will learn what crimes are “Strikable Offenses” and how this law is carried out in our judicial system.  The lecture includes Prop 36's changes to the Three Strikes law and how to obtain re-sentencing after sentenced to 25 years to life.  
Underage Drinking - A Hangover’s not the Only Thing to Worry About:  The consequences, including potential criminal charges and suspension of driving privileges even if not driving when caught.
Extradition - The Tool to get Suspects from other Countries:  Understanding what it takes to obtain jurisdiction over suspects wanted in the United States.

Prop. 46 - The voter initiative that strips prosecutors of a lot of their filing discretion.  Bringing defendants back into court for resentencing in light of the Prop. 47 reductions to misdemeanors.  

Sex Offenders - Lifetime Registration:  Learning about Jessica’s Law, Megan’s Law, lifetime registration and the potential for involuntary lifetime commitment.
Early Release for Inmates - Is it Necessary?:  The audience will be introduced to the legal, ethical, and practical concerns that affect the safety of the community.

All presentations are tailored to your audience
45, 60 or 90 minutes in length