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About Angela Berry

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Constitutional Rights Foundation | San Fernando Valley Bar Association | Pacific Juvenile Defender Center | Criminal Courts Bar Association

Current Board Member of the Criminal Courts Bar Association | Past President of Criminal Law Section of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association (and Former Chair 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) |Certified by National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) for Drunk Driving Standardized Field Sobriety Tests | Attorney of the Year, Constitutional Rights Foundation, 2007 | 10+ AVVO Rating | AV Rating with Martindale-Hubbell | Recognized as one of the 100 Top Trial Lawyers (2015-2017)

Our Story

Angela Berry is an accomplished criminal defense attorney. It all started with an undergraduate degree from UCLA in Political Science, then a Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School. Angela Berry has over 28 years' experience in criminal defense. Her extensive knowledge, experience, and connections date back to 1989 with her law school clerkship with the California Attorney General's Office's Criminal Appeals department.

Mission Statement:

"I Fight Hard For You! Prosecutors Don't Scare Me. Judges Don't Scare Me. Whether it's defending you at trial or getting you the best and most appropriate disposition, I am dedicated to guarding your rights."

Angela Berry has practiced criminal law exclusively for over 28 years. She has extensive trial experience and the exposure that gives her unique access to prosecutors and judges. Angela also served a clerkship with the California Attorney General's Office in Criminal Appeals, which laid the foundation for the successful appellate practice she has built.

"Having the experience at both the Trial level and the Appellate level gives me a special understanding of how to make the winning arguments."
— Angela Berry

We have a strong record of avoiding prosecutions, obtaining acquittals, and winning appeals.

The following is a list of some of our recent cases and outcomes:

"Not Guilty" Jury Verdicts Include:

• Assault on a Police Officer NOT GUILTY
• Battery on Police Officer NOT GUILTY
• Domestic Violence NOT GUILTY
• Lewd Act on Minor NOT GUILTY
• DUI and Hit and Run Charges NOT GUILTY
• Grand Theft and Embezzlement NOT GUILTY
• Possession of Cocaine NOT GUILTY
•Three Strikes Residential Burglary NOT GUILTY

• Prostitution NOT GUILTY
• Witness Intimidation/Gang Alleg. NOT GUILTY
• Assault with Intent to Commit Rape NOT GUILTY
• Attempted Rape NOT GUILTY

Case Dismissals Include:

• Assault/Deadly Weapon and Gang Allegations (Case Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing for Insufficient Evidence)
• Attempted Rape (Case Dismissed)
• Burglary, 2 Counts (Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing and Reduced to Operating without a Business License)
• DUI with a .19 Blood Alcohol Level (Dismissed due to Aggressive Pre-Trial Investigation)
• DUI (Case Dismissed, after Successful 4th Amendment Challenge)
• DUI, Second within 1 Year (Dismissed due to Aggressive Pre-Trial Investigation that Kept Out Key Prosecution Evidence)
• Robbery (Case Dismissed after Jury Hung 8-4, for Not Guilty)
• Sexually Molesting/Harassing a Child with Lifetime Sex Offender Registration (Case Dismissed Prior to Preliminary Hearing)
• Theft (Case Dismissed after Preliminary Hearing)
• Vandalism with $15,000 in Alleged Damage (Extensive Investigation Showed Client Not Present at Scene of Crime, Conference with Head DA Resulted in Dismissal)
• Third Strike residential home invasion robbery - case dismissed after extensive investigation and negotiation that resulted in dismissal with prejudice and immediate release of client from custody. 
• Second Strike kidnapping, false imprisonment and criminal threats charges dismissed 
• First Degree Residential Burglary charge dismissed after successful suppression motion and search warrant traversal.
• First Degree Residential Burglary charge with cold hit DNA match, dismissed after extensive investigation of crime lab that exposed critical lapses in chain of custody.
• Three-Strikes Home Invasion Armed Robbery (Dismissed with no re-filing after extensive pre-trial investigation which exposed the alleged victims' lies)
• Kidnap, false imprisonment and witness intimidation. (Dismissed after aggressive cross-examination of alleged victim.)
• Special Circumstance Dismissed, Eliminating Death Penalty Potential on a murder case. Thereafter, the case settled with a plea bargain of 6 years.

Other Results: 

• Appeal (Obtained Reversal When Appellate Court Agreed Trial Court Erred in Admitting "Other Bad Acts" Evidence)
• Assault/Deadly Weapon (Reduced to "Disturbing the Peace" Infraction)
• Domestic Violence Arrest, Second (No Criminal Charges Filed)
• Murder Charge Arrest (No Filing Result)
• Vehicular Manslaughter (Settled Prior to Trial for a Traffic Infraction, Out-of-State Client Never Having to Appear in Court)
• Reversal on appeal of restitution order illegally imposed by the trial court.
• Obtained Declaration of Wrongful Conviction, Factual innocence finding, exxoneration and immediate release from state prison custody
• Successful challenge to Parole Board finding of inmate's unsuitability, resulting in order to conduct a new and lawful hearing. New hearing resulted in client's release from prison.

These actual cases and their outcomes are provided as samples of Attorney Berry-Jacoby's recent successes. These case results are not intended as a promise or guarantee for any other case, as every case is different with its own unique set of circumstances.

When Should You Seek Legal Counsel?

Search for legal representation immediately after arrest, charges, and indictments. If you're under investigation, contact Angela Berry as soon as possible. However, if you have obtained representation elsewhere, you may still come to us for post-conviction relief. Our law office also rigorously defends:

• Writs and Appeals
• Expungements and Pardons
• Frankin Hearings for Youthful Offenders Eligible for Parole Hearings 

• Habeas Corpus Petitions
• Prop 47 Reduction Relief
• Prop 63 Relief

A Quote from Angela Berry

"Having the experience at both the trial level and the appellate level gives me a special understanding of how to make the winning arguments."

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