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Angela Berry, an Award-Winning Criminal Defense Attorney

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Cases We Defend

More Than 28 Years Guarding the Rights of Southern Californians

• Graduate of UCLA, BA Political Science, 1987
• Graduate of Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, 1991
•Lawyer of the Year - Constitutional Rights Foundation 2007
• National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Lawyers' Recognition

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An Assertive and Proactive Approach to All Cases

A lot of California criminal defense lawyers take a wait-and-see approach – see what the prosecutor is doing before responding; stalling until the first court date, or until police reports are generated and interviews of witnesses are conducted. 

Angela acts, she does not react like many other lawyers do. We recognize that the most critical time to develop the defense is often within the first few days following investigation, arrest, or even prior to formal charges being filed. We seek to interview witnesses before the prosecution does.  In many cases, we will get charges dropped, reduced or prevent formal charges from even being filed. 

Knowing the Courts, Judges and Prosecutors

Every county and every courthouse has its own way of doing things. Angela has unique “inside access” based on her experience, years of practice and extensive involvement in the legal community, which routinely provides face-to-face access to judges and prosecutors, both within and out of the work setting. 

Throughout the years, Angela has developed trusting relationships with judges, prosecutors, and court staff. Those connections have taught her the most effective ways to defend your matter successfully.  

Close Personal Contact with Your Attorney

Facing criminal charges or even an investigation is extremely stressful.  We understand that if you cannot contact your lawyer, that stress can increase ten-fold.  When you hire Angela, we are always here for you.        

Also, when you choose Angela Berry, A Professional Law Corp to Guard Your Rights, you know you are getting Angela's personal attention. She does not pass you off to a younger less-experienced lawyer.  Get the peace of mind of knowing your case is in the good hands of Angela, with over 25 years of criminal defense experience. 

Private Defense Investigation by Former Law Enforcement Personnel

Our team of investigators are former law enforcement, who have unique access and understanding of all aspects of criminal law.  Their specialty areas include drug and alcohol recognition, use and sales of drugs, and gang-related activity.  The investigative team is an integral part of the defense that helps develop and aggressively fight your case. 

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